Research Keywords

Laboratory Study Field Research Keywords
Aida Lab Supramolecular Chemistry and Functional Soft-materials Functional Soft Materials, Interfacial Supramolecular Science, Supramolecular Polymers, Biomedical Supramolecular Materials, Porous Supramolecular Materials
Kato lab Functional Molecular Chemistry Supramolecular Materials, Liquid Crystal Materials, Self-Organized Materials, Functional Polymers & Hybrids, Biomineralization
Sando Lab Chemical Biology Molecular Chemistry, Biofunctinal Chemistry, Bioimaging, Nucleic Acid/peptide medicine, Cell Engineering, Synthetic Biology
Suzuki Lab RNA Biochemistry Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Chemical Biology, Epitranscriptome, Protein Synthesis, RNA Modification, Genetic Code, RNA Modopathy, Mass Spectrometry
Nozaki Lab Organometallic Chemistry Organic Synthesis, Polymer Synthesis, Catalysis, Coordination Chemistry, Green Chemistry
Neurobiology Lab Neurobiology Brain development, Neuron, Cell biology, Organelle, Stem cell
Fluoroorganic Chemistry Lab Fluoroorganic Chemistry New Materials, Environmentary-Benign Synthesis, Compounds for Drug Delivery, Novel Reagents for Drug Discovery
Okamoto Lab Bioorganic Chemistry Nucleic Acid Synthesis, Chemical Protein Synthesis, Cell Engineering, Chemical Epigenetics, Live-cell Imaging, Bioorganic Chemistry, Photobiochemistry
Kudo Lab Green Organic Chemistry Peptide Catalysis, Organocatalysis, Selective Synthesis, Bioinspired Synthetic Methodology
Yoshie Lab Polymeric and Environmentally Conscious Materials Dynamic bonds, Biomimetic materials, Dynamic structure control, Nanopatterning, Self-assembly, Self-healing materials
Houjou Lab Molecular Integration Crystal engineering, Organic solid-state materials, Stimuli-responsive materials, Heat-storage materials
Ikeuchi Lab Biomolecular and Cellular Engineering Neural tissue engineering, stem cell differentiation, protein synthesis control, neuronal morphology
Osawa Lab Integrative Nutriomics and Oncology Molecular & Cellular Biology, ChemBio Medicine, Cancer Biology, Integrative Omics Analysis, Anti-cancer Drug Discovery
Minami Lab Supramolecular Materials Design Supramolecular Analytical Chemistry, Organic Transistor, Chemosensor Array, Chemical Sensor
Tsumoto Lab Physical Biochemistry protein science, thermodynamics, kinetcs, antibody engineering, computer science, ligand screening