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Okamoto Lab

  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
Field of Study
Bioorganic Chemistry
Nucleic Acid Synthesis, Chemical Protein Synthesis, Cell Engineering, Chemical Epigenetics, Live-cell Imaging, Bioorganic Chemistry, Photobiochemistry


  • Akimitsu Okamoto Professor
    • 03-5841-8701
  • Kunihiko Morihiro Associate Professor
    • 03-5841-8702
  • Takafumi Furuhata Assistant Professor
    • 03-5841-6536

Recent Publications


Borderless research between organic chemistry and life sciences with "biomacromolecular design" as a keyword:

We actively introduce the concepts of organic chemistry to the fields of biology, genetics, and pharmacology. By creating new chemical reactions and designing new functional biomacromolecules, we will understand the role of individual atoms constituting biomacromolecules in biological phenomena, and apply this understanding to the design of new drugs.

Creating Nucleic Acids

Many chemical modifications are given to nucleic acids, both naturally and artificially. Our goal is to obtain innovative nucleic acid drugs by understanding and maximizing their functions chemically.

Building Proteins

We chemically synthesize small proteins such as histones and ubiquitin, which are essential in the regulation of cellular functions. Our goal is to obtain novel molecules to control the function of intracellular molecules by adding artificial functions to synthetic proteins.

Controlling Cells

We create the molecular systems to visualize the crosstalk between cells. Our goal is to create a platform to observe the individual characteristics of cells and to discover rare cells that exhibit special functions.