The Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology postgraduate program offers a curriculum for intensive and practical learning, further developing the fundamental scientific knowledge gained during undergraduate studies. It consists of four general subject groupings – Group A: Fundamental Subjects; Group B: Standard Subjects; Group C: Special Topics; and Advanced and Specialized Subjects (listed below). This is aimed to enhance the postgraduate research skills and output of each individual, regardless of their undergraduate background. Students also have the opportunity to enroll in subjects offered in other departments. Half of the courses in Group B: Standard Subjects and Advanced and Specialized Courses are offered in English, allowing students to easily earn necessary credits. For more details, see the Postgraduate Studies Handbook and syllabus.

Fundamental Subjects (Group A)

  • Safety and Environmental Chemistry
  • Structures Analysis
  • Basics for Functional Chemistry I - II
  • Strategy of Intellectual Property
  • Research Ethics in Chemistry and Biology

Standard Subjects (Group B)

  • Organic Chemistry: Structure, Reaction, and Synthesis I - V
  • Polymer and Functional Materials Chemistry I - III
  • Molecular Biochemistry I - II

Special Topics (Group C)

  • Special Topics in Chemistry and Biotechnology I – VI

Advanced and Specialized Subjects

  • Advanced Lectures on Organic Synthetic Chemistry
  • Organometallic Chemistry
  • Advanced Lectures on Macromolecules
  • Molecular Design of Biomaterials
  • Advanced Lectures on Cytotechnology
  • Biofunctional Chemistry
  • Molecular Biology
  • Advanced Course of Biomolecular Chemistry
  • Advanced Lectures on Bioactive Molecules
  • Functions of Biomolecules
  • Advanced Lectures on Polymeric Materials
  • Special Seminar on Functional Organic Materials
  • Advanced Course of Structural Biotechnology