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Nishimasu Lab

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Field of Study
Structural Bioscience
Protein, DNA, RNA, Molecular biology, Biochemistry, Structural biology, Protein engineering, Cryo-EM, Crystallography, Immunity, CRISPR


  • Hiroshi Nishimasu Professor
    • 03-5452-5351
  • Keitaro Yamashita Associate Professor
    • 03-5452-5351
  • Masahiro Hiraizumi Assistant Professor
    • 03-5452-5351

Recent Publications


Proteins and nucleic acids adopt specific 3D structures and exhibit a variety of biological functions. Proteins with surprising functions beyond imagination have been discovered in nature since the beginning of this century, and they are used in various fields ranging from basic life science research to gene therapy. To understand the life and develop new technologies, we aim to elucidate the action mechanisms of proteins and nucleic acids, using various methods, such as biochemical analysis, X-ray crystallography, cryo-electron microscopy, and single-molecule measurements.

Structural and functional analysis of CRISPR-Cas enzymes

Cas proteins derived from microbial CRISPR-Cas adaptive immune systems associate with CRISPR RNAs and exhibit diverse biochemical activities. We aim to discover new CRISPR-Cas enzymes and elucidate their action mechanisms.

Structural and functional analysis of proteins involved in human immunity

Various proteins are involved in human immune systems. We aim to elucidate their action mechanisms and establish treatments for related diseases.

Structure-based development of new technologies

Structural information of proteins and nucleic acids enables not only the understanding of their action mechanisms but also the development of molecules with new functionality. We aim to develop useful molecular tools through structure-based engineering of proteins and nucleic acids.