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Houjou Lab

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Field of Study
Molecular Integration
Crystal engineering, Organic solid-state materials, Stimuli-responsive materials, Heat-storage materials


  • Hirohiko Houjou Professor
    • 03-5452-6367

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Crystal engineering is a promising way that enables molecular functions to come out of materials, hence widely applied to pharmaceutics, organic electronics, and so on. We are creating and designing structures with new functions through experimental and theoretical approaches, trying to get the fundamental principles of molecular integration.

Modulation of photo/thermal functions

Photochromic/thermochromic molecules that respond to light/heat serve as a monitor to display the molecular environment in a crystal. The crystal structure is controlled by the molecular structure or composition, and the molecular response is evaluated spectroscopically.

Phase transition materials

Phase transition among polymorphs or supercooling-cold crystallization process induces a dynamic structural change in crystals, which are potentially applicable to recording materials or heat-storage materials.

Intermolecular force to model solid-state

Quantum chemical calculations of intermolecular forces provide the mechanical information of the molecules, leading to high-precision calculations of the macroscopic molecular assembly. It will help describe the thermodynamic properties and phase-transition behavior.