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Neurobiology Lab

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  • Graduate
Field of Study
Brain development, Neuron, Cell biology, Organelle, Stem cell


  • Yusuke Hirabayashi Associate Professor
  • Masafumi Tsuboi Assistant Professor

Recent Publications


The nervous system regulates our mind and behavior. Precise regulation of each neuron and connections between neurons are required for proper functioning of the brain. Therefore, elucidating the mechanisms regulating brain function facilitates developing therapies for neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. We study how neurons, the connections between neurons, and adult neurogenesis contribute to the functions of the nervous system, from the perspective of cell biology.

Roles of organelle interaction :

Each individual cell has organs of its own, called organelles. Each organelle has its distinct roles, but organelles also work in harmony to keep the cell healthy by physically connecting to each other. We study roles of organelle interactions in cells, especially in neurons, using state of art techniques.

Investigation of neuronal ultrastructures :

Our understanding of nanometer-scale structures that make up cells remains very limited due to the lack of techniques to observe them. We developed a unique technique to label specific structures of cells under the electron microscope. Combined with a deep learning method-based analysis, we will reveal 3D-ultrastructures of cells, including neurons.

Adult neurogenesis :

Adult neurogenesis plays a key role in the formation of memories. However, the mechanism regulating the amount and timing of neurogenesis in the adult brain remains to be elucidated. We will reveal the mechanism regulating the differentiation of adult neural stem cells to neurons.