Fluoroorganic Chemistry Group

Social Cooperation Program "Laboratory for Material and Life Sciences for Fusion of Fluorine and Organic Chemistry"

Department of Chemistry & Biotechnology
Faculty of Engineering / School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo


Kyoko Nozaki
  Associate Professor
Kohsuke Aikawa
  Assistant Professor
Midori Akiyama
  Principal Investigator of the Partner
Takashi Okazoe

Recent Publications

  • J. Fluorine Chem. 2015, 174, 120-131. [PDF]


Our research group aims to open an innovative scientific research field by combining (i) technologies related to fluorine chemistry that have been cultivated in industry and (ii) the most advanced scientific knowledge of organic chemistry in academia in order to create novel chemical manufacturing processes, functional materials, and biologically active substances.

Novel synthetic methodologies maximizing the reactivity of fluorine-containing compounds :

Aiming towards the reduction of environmental impacts, novel methods to synthesize useful substances will be developed by utilizing the reactivity of fluorine-containing compounds.

Creation of functional materials making use of the characteristics of fluorine :

By investigating new reactions of fluorine-containing compounds, organic materials embedded with the properties of fluorine will be produced.

Bioactive substances taking advantage of the characteristics of fluorine-containing structure :

Living bodies cannot discriminate between hydrogen and fluorine atoms due to their similar sizes (the mimic effect). Moreover, fluorinated structures exhibit unique properties, such as hydrophobicity, lipophilicity, and metabolic stability. Taking advantage of these characteristic properties of fluorine-containing structures, we aim to find out new active ingredients of medicine.