The Okamoto Group
Bioorganic Chemistry

Department of Chemistry & Biotechnology
Faculty of Engineering / School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo

Akimitsu Okamoto
Satoshi Yamaguchi
  Assistant Professor
Gosuke Hayashi
  Assistant Professor
Kunihiko Morihiro

Recent Publications

  • Sci. Rep. 2017, 7, 41007. [PDF]
  • Sci. Rep. 2017, 7, 14962. [PDF]
  • Biochemistry 2017, 56, 4767-4772. [PDF]
  • J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2016, 138, 14178-14181. [PDF]


Research in our group is concerned with diverse aspects of the design and function of biopolymers on an atomic scale. The focus is on the molecular design, synthesis and physical properties of new, man-made biopolymers with various functions. Also included is the design of unprecedented organic chemical systems for recognizing and visualizing a single component or atom in biopolymers of interest.

Chemistry creating nucleic acids :

Nucleic acid is a key molecule that controls vital functions. We create novel chemical reactions and functional biopolymers to specifically recognize the epigenetic modification of nucleic acids. We also pursue the highly functional photochemistry to visualize nucleic acid function in the cell.

Chemistry building proteins :

Protein significantly changes its function by posttranslational modifications. We chemically synthesize proteins and peptides with a variety of posttranslational modifications. We also develop novel chemical reactions to specifically recognize/visualize posttranslational modifications.

Chemistry controlling cell function :

Cell functions may be controlled by sophisticated molecular design. We create the molecules expressing a function by an external stimulus after cell uptake and the molecules leading toward a specific cell function by wrapping the cells.