The Hatanaka Group
Biomaterial Engineering

Department of Chemistry & Biotechnology
School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo

Kenichi Hatanaka
  Research Associate
Maria Carmelita Kasuya

Recent Publications

  • Journal of Fluorine Chemistry 2018, 205, 30-34. [PDF]
  • Journal of Fluorine Chemistry 2016, 188, 76-79. [PDF]
  • Journal of Fluorine Chemistry 2016, 188, 1-4. [PDF]
  • Journal of Fluorine Chemistry 2015, 178, 183-186. [PDF]


Based on synthetic organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, biochemistry, and cell biology, our laboratory investigates biomaterial engineering and biotechnology on carbohydrates and fluorous compounds.

Saccharide Production by Using Cells and Its Application to Medical Use :

Bioactive oligosaccharides which have complicated structures are easily produced from cell culture media by adding appropriate starting materials. Efficient production of oligosaccharides and their polymerization to afford functional compounds which can be applied to biomaterials are studied.

Fluorous Technology :

Highly fluorinated compounds (fluorous compounds) are insoluble in water or hydrocarbon solvents. Our laboratory investigates the purification and immobilization of fluorous glyco-compounds for medical use.

Glucose Platform :

New materials such as recyclable gel are synthesized from glucose-derived compounds.